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Pain Management Techniques for Back Pain 6/26/2015 : Back pain is a common complaint among adults in the United States. Next to headaches, it is the most common reason for medical visits, and it ranks as one of the leading causes for missed work days.  
Popular Heartburn Drugs Could Create New Problems 6/19/2015 : The Forsyth Institute recently published a report detailing why long-term use of PPIs could increase the risk of bone fractures.  
Ways to Combat Summer Allergies 6/5/2015 : The sun is shining, the pool is open and spring allergies are a thing of the past, right? Wrong. Some of the same triggers that bring on allergy symptoms in the spring can carry on into the summer.  
National Bike Month: How to Protect Your Knees during Spin Class 5/29/2015 : May is National Bike Month, and The League of American Bicyclists encourages everyone to pedal their way to better health with this nationwide program.  

Did You Know?

A new injury to a muscle or joint that causes swelling and pain is best treated with ice.