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Are High Heels a Health Risk? 7/18/2014 : High heels force the feet into a very unnatural shape, making it impossible to perform the natural heel-to-toe movement when walking.  
Best Exercises for Joint Health 7/14/2014 : Overuse, injury, and age can all contribute to joint pain, and while you can’t turn back the clock and give yourself the joints you took for granted as a child, you can take steps to preserve the joint health you have now.  
Avoid Rotator Cuff Injuries As You Swing Into Spring 7/7/2014 : You can help prevent rotator cuff injuries from occurring by performing a few simple stretches and strengthening exercises. Stretches will help increase your flexibility and range of motion, while the exercises will help stabilize the shoulder.  
Can Reflexology Relieve Stress? 6/27/2014 : Though you may not always be able to control the circumstances behind your stress, you can take steps to help your body respond in a better way. One method worth considering is reflexology.  

Did You Know?

A new injury to a muscle or joint that causes swelling and pain is best treated with ice.